A Different Way

For savers and aspiring homeowners prepared to think differently, we
offer a genuine alternative to conventional banks.

We believe in a transparent, fair
and socially responsible system
of finance, grounded in
Shariah principles.

By sharing risk and reward in
an equitable way, we offer a
balanced approach to
banking for everyone.

Savings, with a twist

What does saving bring you: peace of mind? Your next adventure? We put your money to work - for you, and for the greater good - with fantastic savings rates on our fixed term and notice accounts.

Home buying, just not as you know it

When we help you buy a home, we really are in it together. Our mortgage alternatives offer you competitive fixed and variable rates. Perfect for buyers prepared to think differently.

Buy-to-Let (good-for-all)

We've been supporting the UK private rental sector since 2007. From first-time landlords to established professionals, whether you’re an expat, an international resident, or living in the UK – we can help.

Your money is safe with us

We’ve been around since 2007 and are proud to be the fastest growing Shariah-compliant bank in the UK. You’ll be happy to know Gatehouse Bank is PRA and FCA regulated, just like all UK banks. Your eligible deposits with Gatehouse Bank are also protected by the FSCS – staying socially and financially responsible..


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