From your first enquiry to your moving date, our home purchase plans work in the same way as a conventional mortgage.

Why finance your home with us?

A home purchase plan offers you an alternative to a mainstream mortgage, with competitive rental rates (think interest, but different) and a transparent approach.

You buy the property jointly with us - your deposit is your stake, and we fund the rest. Once all your payments are made, you’ve bought us out, and the deed of the property transfers to you. You can sell any time, and there are no early repayment charges.

Help me figure out

How much finance can I have?

Find out how much home finance you could have

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How much will it cost me?

Find out how much your monthly payments could cost you

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Am I eligible ?

Wherever you live now, you can apply for home finance if you meet these criteria:

  • Born in the UK or the EEA
  • Buying property in England or Wales
  • Borrowing at least £50,000 (UK) / £100,000 (international)
  • Earning at least £15,000 (UK) / £25,000 (International)

A balanced approach to banking

From financing your home to looking after your savings, we're proud to take a balanced, Shariah-compliant approach. But what does that mean?

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